About Dylan Andrews

Growing up near Atlanta, Dylan has always had a passion for music. From a very young age he fell in love with guitar and found both peace and happiness from music. 

After high school, he made the decision to attend the prestigious Atlanta Institute of Music (AIM). While there, he had the opportunity to study all aspects of guitar and work with many great musicians, including Bill Hart, Carl Culpepper and Nite Driscol.

Since graduating with honors in 2013, Dylan has worked as a studio session musician in Atlanta and has been teaching and performing full time. In early 2015, he signed with Renegade Recordings – an Atlanta-based independent record label – and is in the process of recording his first album. 

Over the years, he has played with several bands ranging in many styles of music including rock, jazz, fusion, and praise and worship. He is currently one of the guitarists for Grace Church, and also is the lead guitarist for his own band.

Although performing one of his greatest passions, teaching is a big part of his career as well. He works with many budding musicians and loves inspiring and helping people meet their musical goals.


Upcoming Shows

May 6 at Wild Wing Cafe in Alpharetta (with Sketchbone)
May 7 at Wild Wing Cafe in Snellville (with Sketchbone)
May 21 at The Watering Hole (with Sketchbone)
May 27 at Wild Wing Cafe in Hamilton Mill (with Sketchbone)
June 3 at Cypress Grill (with Sketchbone)

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